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Nutrition Basics For School-Aged Kids

In addition to a diet of whole foods, a daily multivitamin/mineral supports your child’s growth and development. It’s “insurance to prevent nutrient deficiencies,” says Elson M. Haas, MD, and it...

Feeding Children Well: Organic is the Gold Standard

The story of the foods we eat continues in the halls of government, in agribusiness board rooms, and on pages of scientific study. And it ends with you or me in the produce section, picking up a...
Active kids

Top 10 Ways to Get Kids to Be Active

Give Kids the Opportunity to Be Active - Take the time to play with your children. Five minutes here, 10 minutes there makes all the difference. Try to plan family walks when you...
playing music

Early Musical Training May Aid Speech Development

Those piano lessons you had as a kid can pay off later in life. Researchers have found the strongest evidence yet that musical training in youth can help prevent declines in the ability to comprehend...
Kids nutrition

Ready, Set, Learn! Back-to-School Nutrition

"Study after study shows that you can increase intelligence, attention span, concentration, problem-solving ability, emotional response, mood, physical coordination--all the facets of intelligence--...
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